Google I/O 2015 Sketchnote Round-up

This year was my first Google I/O, and it was truly an awesome experience. Thanks to Google's Women Techmakers, I had been put in touch with a bunch of kick-ass technical women prior to the actual conference itself and it created a wonderful sense of community in what otherwise would have felt like one more endless sea of dark hoodies. 

Due in part to some inspiration from fellow Android devs and Women Techmakers Corey Latislaw and Chiu-Ki Chan, I decided to try my hand at sketchnoting. If you're not familiar with sketchnoting, it is the practice of illustrating notes instead of just writing them down linearly. It's a creative process and everyone's sketchnotes are unique and impart their own personal flavor and style. Here for your perusal are my first conference sketchnotes, presented with minimal editing.

Google I/O 2015 Keynote

What's New in Android Dev Tools by Xavier Ducrohet (@droidxav), Tor Norbye (@tornorbye), and Jamal Eason

Google I/O 2015 What's New In Android Dev Tools

Material Now by Matias Duarte (@matiasduarte)

Google I/O 2015 Material Now

Fireside Chat with the Google Mobile Services Team featuring Jonathan Beri (@beriberikix), Benoit St-Pierre (@benoitstpierre), Subir Jhanb, and Jeff Hamilton

Google I/O 2015 Fireside Chat with the Mobile Services Team

Developing Extraordinary Apps with Firebase by James Tamplin (@JamesTamplin)

Google I/O 2015 Firebase

Improve Your Android App's Accessibility featuring Casey Burkhardt (@CaseyBurkhardt), Eve Andersson (@eveandersson), Hugh Oh, Phil Weaver, and Mark Riccobono (@Riccobono)

Google I/O 2015 Improve Your Android App's Accessibility

Android Wear: Your App and the Always-On Screen by Brett Lider (@bl) and David Singleton (@dps)

Google I/O 2015 Android Wear: Your App and the Always-On Screen

I hope you enjoyed my first ever sketchnotes! Stay tuned for more.