RubyConf Australia 2016 Sketchnote Round-up

As promised in my write-up of the conference, here are the scans from my sketchnotes at RubyConf Australia. As always, sketchnoting provided a unique way for me to interact with speakers and other conference attendees, and I'm always happy when others think the work I put into my notes is cool. This crowd was particularly receptive, so that was nice. Jeff Casimir's keynote actually had too much good content to fit on only one page, so it's a two-parter. It's always a pleasure to sketchnote for friends, and since I had heard Stella's talk once before and had access to her notes, I was able to cheat a little bit. There was so much great content at this conference that I didn't sketchnote, so please do stay tuned for when the videos are posted. Anyway I hope you enjoy!

Keynote: Making Mistakes by Jeff Casimir (@j3)

Making Mistakes, Part 1

Making Mistakes, Part 2

Build and Maintain Large Ruby Applications by Enrico Teotti (@agenteo)

Build and Maintain Large Ruby Applications

Burn Your Idiomatic Ruby by Arne Brasseur (@plexus)

Burn Your Idiomatic Ruby

Site Availability Is for Everybody by Stella Cotton (@practice_cactus)

Site Availability Is for Everybody