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My First Conference Talk- What Worked and What Didn't!

by Stella Cotton

Woohoo, I gave my first conference talk! I spoke about load testing and site availability at RubyConf Australia. The video will be up at some point, but if you're curious you can also check out my slides here.

I'm finally over my jetlag and my landsickness (True fact: if you go on a boat trip for three days to the Great Barrier Reef, you can completely avoid sea sickness but suffer from LAND sickness for a week when you come back!)

RubyConf Australia was amazing. Siena covered most of the highlights in her blog post, but I wanted to reiterate how lovely the conference was (and not just because I got to hold a koala).

I'm not going to lie- preparing a conference talk was a ton of work! But it was totally worth it for me. I'd definitely encourage anyone who is on the fence to try it and see how it goes! If you're thinking about giving your first conference talk or in the throes of prepping one, here are a few things I found worked for me and one thing that didnt. (But obviously YMMV!)

What Worked for Me:

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