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What to Expect When You’re Expecting to Organize a Small Conference in the Woods

by Stella Cotton

For those who may not know (or muted my incessant tweets somewhere along the way), &:conf is an intersectional feminist unconference and code retreat that took place a month ago in Occidental California. Together with my co-organizers, Lillie Chilen and Emily Nakashima, we brought together 80 engineers from literally all over the world, with folks joining us from as far as Mexico and Berlin.

The foundations for &:conf were laid on Castro Street, where the three of us stood outside the Lesbians Who Tech conference. At that time, Lillie and Emily had plenty of prior experience running tech events and I was foolhardy enough to believe I could try. There are a million little things I learned through this process- but the biggest takeaways would probably be...

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